For quantify years, we have devoted our energy and skills to one business: Port and Marine services!

Naxco Port Agency is a global provider of port agency and marine services, combining local expertise and references with a unique approach.

This international network of talents is an exclusive alliance of selected  ship agents having a strong foothold in their respective local markets and able to provide the appropriate solutions to each port operation.

Naxco Port Agency operates through 5 main regions: Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe and Middle East. The network is capable of meeting to all port and marine services challenge at any location.

Naxco Port Agency:  ability, by combining talents, to deliver success!

Naxco Port Agency About us


Naxco Port Agency‘s objective is simple: to generate new business opportunities between members and become the first active network in the port agency industry, grounded in commitment.

As a recognized and respected representative of the worldwide shipping industry, the network’s aim is to offer the best of maritime services in terms of quality, efficiency, security and reliability with an innovative approach to be ahead of the competition.

Shared values are expressed in daily actions thanks to our code of conduct and ethics.
Including but not limited to:  respecting the value of our people, loyalty, honesty, building long-term relationships and compliance with all relevant laws…


The network’s structure to connect with markets

Naxco Port Agency has its own marketing sales’ structure with the relevant trade experience. Its governance is very much business oriented and structured to meet clients’ challenges.

Naxco Port Agency can play an essential role in your business strategy by being an ambassador for your company and a new strategic partner. Our team ensures that the organization adapts to ongoing changes in the business environment.

Naxco Port Agency About us